Daily Haiku 061409 and Sunday Scribblie

Combo bombo today. The word at Sunday Scribble is ABSURD. A quickie.

Turn off the TV
in all its absurdity
much better to read

I had a great reading binge this weekend, it was wonderful. Chugged down Stephen King’s Duma Key. It was a doosie!!


Sunday Scribblings – COVERT

This Sunday Scribblings word is COVERT. After considering a possible job opportunity yesterday, I felt it was disguised as something good, but at an impossibly high cost to me. I left the corporate world behind for good reason, damnit.


the “good thing” is a wrench
in the workings of a harmonious life
after panic comes the challenge
a dare to my shallow self

I can do this.

devoid of passion
playing a part
like wearing a heavy woollen coat
smothering every other

I should do this.

accepted for shallow reasons
another’s bragging rights
ego strokes of my own
promise of security

I can do this.

vivid memories of stress
consuming worry
false smiles and handshakes
with those deplorable

I should do this.

my transformation
my reemergence
my tender newfound spirit
now at perilous risk

Should I do this?

corporate prison sentence
disguised as opportunity
a test of my conviction
to my truest self

I cannot do this.

Sunday Scribbling and Daily Haiku(s)

worrisome burden…
torment every moment…
anguish unending…

wringing upset hands…
bedeviled and beleagered…
agonizing wait…

envelope arrives!
graduation day is mine!
pomp and circumstance!

Sunday Scribbling and Daily Haiku(s)


Can you hear me now?
My service interrupted!
Did I pay my bill?

Anybody there?
Silent disconnected phone!
I have Peace at last!