Compilation – 6 Week Haiku Cycle #01

(42) 061909
forty-two haikus
six weeks of five-seven-five
produced some doozies

(41) 061809
its more than enough
from your charitable heart
it hurts til you give

(40) 061709
reluctant sunset
summer solstice days so long
bedtime in daylight

(39) 061609
what were you like then?
before jowls and bifocals?
handsome strong and kind?

(38) 061509
my morning lover
you crush me beneath your weight
take my breath away

(37) 061409
Turn off the TV
in all its absurdity
much better to read

(36) 061309
constant visitor
always outside looking in
never belonging

(35) 061209
silly rhyming games
laughing til I pee my pants
don’t take my picture!

why do I have lumps?
I should chew my food better
I love my sister!

I miss you so much
but you still won’t visit me
it’s too far to go

(34) 061109
helium relief
lighter than air happiness
unburdened spirit

(33) 061009
I never said so
but your illness angered me
seeing you suffer

(32) 060909
my reluctant muse
shy away from the efforts
to write equates life
to write equates life
shy away from the efforts
my reluctant muse

(31) 060809
spirit open wide
eagle soars majestic flight
from my yoga mat

(30) 060709
joyful camel pose
open chakra to heaven
releasing, healing

(29) 060609
illusion of permanence
even ours shall fall

(28) 060509
our bubbles of love
in crushing currents of life
keep us from drowning

(27) 060409
newborn flies buzz by
dandelions crowd out grass
sunburn stings white skin

(26) 060309
a brutal romance
heart in tragic mosaic
bruised red and purple

(25) 060209
rain rain go away
come again another day
(so original)

(24) 060109
light’ning cracks above
all is eerily silent
thunder drums below

(23) 053109
yoga heats my blood
ev’ry cell abuzz with glee
awake and alive!

(22) 053009
soothing music played
calming the storm in his soul
first time back to church
first time back to church
calming the storm in his soul
soothing music played

(21) 052909
eyes closed, deep inhale
olfactory fiesta
beautiful flowers

(20) 052809
sunless white skin shirt
rise to dark neck and biceps
summer farmer tan

(19) 052709
dreamy newborn son
offered a timid nipple
embraced in bosom
embraced in bosom
offered a timid nipple
dreamy newborn son

(18) 052609
This will hold my place
until a new haiku comes.
This is getting hard!

(17) 052509
shot glass upside down
numbing shards of shattered dreams
safe oblivion

spirit in a glass
drowned out of a sorry soul
wretched shell remains

loved ones pushed away
leaving only emptiness
hopelessness swallowed

broken promises
losses incalculable
all disappointment

words are left unsaid
addiction awarded death
tears are left unshed

(16) 052409
worrisome burden…
torment every moment…
anguish unending…

wringing upset hands…
bedeviled and beleagered…
agonizing wait…

envelope arrives!
graduation day is mine!
pomp and circumstance!

(15) 052309
Friends for how long now?
Forever but not that long.
Old souls in new forms.

(14) 052209
After a long week
A cold beer on Friday night
Starts the weekend right

(13) 052109
I had a strange dream
Bill Clinton and Courtney Love
Smiling arm in arm

(12) 052009
Counting balls and strikes
Lucky me as scorekeeper
Game under the lights

(11) 051909
Roman soldiers robbed!
Someone call I-X-I-I!
Was armor insured?

(10) 051809
Running my three miles
Like a hamster on a wheel
Destination health

(9) 051709
Wordless confidence
Learning to trust my silence
My smile is enough

(8) 051609
Can you hear me now?
My service interrupted!
Did I pay my bill?

Anybody there?
Silent disconnected phone!
I have Peace at last!

(7) 051509
Empty of Haikus
Creativity asleep
Not for long I hope

(6) 051409
A beautiful day!
Waking up this side of dirt!
Smiling at the sun!

(5) 051309
Tears not from sadness
Abundance of emotion
Not contained within

(4) 051209
Feather flitting by
Freedom in a birdless flight
Not unlike my soul

(3) 051109
Water from run off
Melting down from mountain tops
Greens grass with no rain

(2) 051009
The Universe’s humor
To make me ponder

(1) 050909
laundry is a drag
just when I think I’m finished
more clothes come my way


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