Heads Or Tails – Tails:Once Upon A Time

picture-007ONCE UPON A TIME there was a RIGHT BRAIN trapped in a LEFT BRAIN life.  The only hope the right brain clung to was that the left brain would falinto a deep deep sleep.  A sleep so long and deep that the RIGHT BRAIN could excape to a world where other right brains spent their days dancing and singing, painting and scupting, writing prose and music and when they tired, they wrapped themselves in rainbow colored quilts, nestled together like hairless baby mice to dream of visions of art on the precipice of creative birth.  Every morning they woke to arias sung by angels themselves and began their day anew to dance and frolic in the new days breaking light.  In this RIGHT BRAIN WORLD, every brain paused at daybreak and sunset to give thanks to all divine creators and to repect their art splashed in brillaint hues of GOLD and RED and YELLOW and ORANGE and every other color in between, real and imagined in all points in the sky.  Some RIGHT BRAINS chose to cross the expensive ocean with thoughts only of excitement and adventure (never with fear as that only exists in left brain life), their eyes to distant horizons with endless possibilities filling their gaze; new lands to explore, new art to create, new beauty to take their RIGHT BRAIN breath away.  RIGHT BRAINS needs are always met, for even in hunger or confusion, right brains celebrate and embrace every experience for exactly what it is, for in the RIGHT BRAIN WORLD, it is all, everything, beautiful and perfect and exactly what the right brain needs.



  1. Angel said,

    April 26, 2009 at 10:42 am

    Love the description in this! Wouldn’t it be nice to live in the world for real every now and then?

  2. lucy said,

    April 26, 2009 at 3:57 pm

    unfortunately I’ve been in a left brain state of mind! my thoughts are constantly racing!!!
    but I loved this post and wish I could plop into your right brain fantasy world!! so fun!
    This reminded me of a post I wrote when i first discovered the right/left brain theory..
    i would love to share it with u if u have a second.


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