Brave Enough to Share

OK.  So.  You, World out there.  Yeah.  You.  As an offering of gratitude of providing me exactly what I asked for (that being a community of writers with which I can share, participate, grow and play), I am linking in my first blog, a blogspot blog I started about a year ago, tentatively, not bravely.  There only a few posts, which I toiled and agonized over, and only invited a safe few to read.

Instead of continuing with that old beauty, it was important for me to start a fresh blog here in the spirit of sharing and confidence, to dare to be read and judged by others, and not to let judgment interfere. 

That old beauty is called “Dithyrambic Spirit”, I put the link in the sidebar.  Honestly, let me know what you think.

Specifically, I have a couple of entries about my parents passing, which has been a current theme running through both my conscious and subconscious days lately.  I have shared these with my family, members of that “safe few”.  But without objective feedback from others NOT there, I don’t have a bearing if these work or not. 

So out there it goes.  Many thanks.

I’ll try to post the link directly here too:



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