Three Word Wednesday: Reckless, Heartache, Jangle

Saturday night I had the unfortunate circumstance of witnessing a car and a motorcycle collide with fatal results. It’s been smashing in my head all week, and Wednesday’s words provided an outlet for expression.

Reckless rider
Yellow bike

Jangled nerves
Red brake lights

Glossy blood halo
Colorless in dusky night

Pronounced at the scene
Black task ahead

Heartache’s strongest color
Purple for the dead



Love is not a sweater but it can
Love is not a sweater but it can

NaiSaiKu 082909

writing down my soul
listen with an open heart
understanding ear
understanding ear
listen with an open heart
writing down my soul

Daily Haiku 062809

I had a fun day
volunteering at art fest
sunkissed and happy

Daily Haiku 062709

of, the, ing, that, and
meaningless words in haiku
lazy place holders

Daily Haiku 062609

Ed, Farrah, Michael
whats up with celebrities
dying by the three?

Daily Haiku 062509

cradled and caressed
Andre Rieu’s violin
musical creature

Daily Haiku 062409

suddenly summer
hot thermometer spiked red
where is the suncreen?

Daily Haiku 062309

something festering
discontent and disquiet
like an infection

Daily Haiku 062209

slept in this morning
snug as a bug in a rug
until alarm buzzed

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